An Inside Look at Mugen’s Delectable Takeaway Offerings

In the midst of the pandemic, Chef Jason Yamaguchi’s skillful approach to takeaway has allowed Mugen Waikiki, ESPACIO’s on-site restaurant, to provide at-home diners access to the finest globally sourced ingredients. In addition to Mugen’s seasonal dishes, like Parisienne Gnocchi and Bouillabaisse, the restaurant’s weekly bento offering spotlights local ingredients. Food enthusiasts can look forward to a variety of local favorites, like pressed pork belly, crab fried rice, mochiko mongchong, nimono, and much more. 

Chef Jason Yamaguchi provides us with an inside look at fine dining reimagined and emphasizes the importance of supporting local farmers. 

Q: What factors did you consider when designing the Mugen takeaway menu?

A: I wanted to highlight our ability to adapt to changing times while still adhering to our high standards. Our weekly bento offering does just that. We are able to highlight local ingredients and a handful of different flavor profiles, all while maintaining the integrity of our Japanese-French dining concept. Plus, bentos are a familiar favorite for many of our local diners.

Q: What are the most popular dishes so far? 

A: Our best sellers from the seasonal menu are the Poule Au Pot Pie and Parisienne Gnocchi. My personal favorite is the weekly bento menu. I think each of our offerings speak to the uniqueness of our dining concept, but also the approachability of our menu.

Q: Local restaurants and farms have suffered during the pandemic – how does Mugen support local vendors?

A: Supporting our local community is always important but even more so during this time. Our farm partner, Yogarden, is located in Waimanalo and we are proud to support their their mission by growing some of our own ingredients sustainably. Some of the local produce from the garden that we use in our menu are Tokyo turnips, eggplant, heirloom carrots, and patty pan squash. 

For takeaway orders with curbside pick-up, call (808) 377-2247. For more information, visit or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Mugen’s weekly bento menu is updated each week on their website and social media accounts. 

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